Hosting update

Progress is being made to ensure all of the backend tasks are completed to prepare the hosting service I intend to launch to everyone shortly. I am not one to give time frames on when it will be released but I will say that development on the forum is underway as it will be the go-to place for any support you may require with your service.

Flarum is a next-generation forum software that will make the online discussion experience fun with its simplicity and performance. It is my forum software of choice and after years of following the project I do believe Toby (founder) and Franz (developer) have what it takes to take this fine piece of software to new heights. Definitely worth a visit; it'll give other free forum software a run for their money.

The forum will also be a hub for any other projects I start in the future and home to discussions for customers and friends.

Stay tuned and I will definitely let you know once everything is up and running!