Hello www

Welcome to my site guys!

This site is about me, what I do, when I do it and how I do it. It will also become the centre of all my online projects and the place you will come to take advantage of my very own hosting service.

Despite creating this website I will say that the majority of my posts and activity will be found on the forum.

As some of you already know I am quite active on the world wide web (sometimes a little too much!). I do really enjoy scavenging the internet, creating websites, owning and administrating them and basically doing anything I can in increasing my knowledge and experience to gain a better understanding of it all. I have owned numerous websites and forums and do currently have a few projects in the pipeline which you will definitely hear about as they are progressively worked on.

For now though I do thank you for your visit and I hope you enjoy my place on the internet as much as I do.